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Whether you need a Home Inspection for a Real Estate transaction or a pre-listing Home Assessment, Kyawa OC Services is at your service.

Kyawa OC Services will  work with  your Realtor on the purchase side to perform your inspection in a timely manner.  On the sale side, we can perform a pre-listing inspection or assessment that could prevent surprises before listing your property.  Our goal is to get you to settlement. One call is all it takes.

Here’s what a few of our customers had to say:

Thank you for the thorough report.  This gives me an idea of what I need to start budgeting for and some things that will require immediate attention.”  Scott T.

We appreciate the level of detail you provided for our new to us condo.  There are so many things to look at when deciding to buy or not, you get caught up in the emotion.  It was nice to have an objective and honest report.  We love our new condo.” Nikki M.

“Buying an older condo can be a crap shoot.  Your inspection gave us everything I needed to make a purchase decision.  The condo has worked out great for me. Thanks” Mike J.


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