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Residential Home Inspections

A home inspection isn't performed to make or break a purchase. No home is perfect, so issues are likely to arise. A home inspection is simply done to clue a home buyer or seller in on any defects or issues with the home that might not have been obvious at first glance. It's not likely that the terms of the home sale will change after an inspection is done, but a buyer or seller will be able to make a more informed decision based on the information provided to them by a home inspection.

A home inspection will point out imperfections in a home, helping a buyer decide if they can live with these issues, but more importantly, just so they are aware of them. A home inspector can be a great source for those who want to learn about their home. They can teach a buyer how to operate certain systems in the home or provide tips on how to fix something in an inexpensive way. If a buyer is more aware of the aspects of their home purchase, they can better plan for the future, like whether they want to make improvements or not.  To view a couple sample reports, click here.

Kyawa OC Services’ home inspections are performed by Kenneth Earle. Ken has been in the construction, telecommunications, and service industries his entire career.  In addition to the Maryland Home Inspectors License, he holds a Maryland Home Improvement license and  restricted Master Electrician licenses in Frederick and Worcester Counties.

We are bound and committed to perform our inspections pursuant to the Maryland Code of Ethics and Standards of Practices for Home Inspectors. Click here to download the file.

We welcome the opportunity to perform either a pre-listing inspection or an inspection as part of real estate transaction.  Performing a pre-listing inspection provides you, the seller, with a comprehensive report you can use to make decisions regarding any necessary repairs or upgrades and pricing.

Bill Gassett, a seasoned veteran to the real estate industry,  owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure, and one of RE/MAX’s top producers, summarizes the pros and cons of having a pre-listing inspection here.


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