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About Kyawa OC Services (and a little history)

KYAWA OC Services was created by Ken Earle to provide home inspection service to the Ocean City, MD area.  While the home inspection service is new to Ken, the home improvement business is not. Ken first obtained his Maryland Home Improvement license in 1988 with his first company, FineLine Construction.

In 2001, Ken created Kyawa Communications focusing on the telecom industry..  He spent the next 23 years providing engineering and cabling solutions to the likes of Lucent Technologies (Alcatel and then Nokia), AT&T, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and many smaller carriers.

In 2003,  Kyawa Construction was created as a side venture providing home improvement services in Frederick County, MD. Fast forward to 2018. After purchasing property in Ocean City and spending the majority of May-September in OC, Ken decided he needed something productive to do while there.  Already having a construction background, a recommendation came from a prominent Realtor to offer home inspections.  After some thought, it made perfect sense. Ken took the necessary training and passed the exam with flying colors and obtained his Maryland Home Inspector’s license.


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