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KYAWA OC Services is your premier source for residential Home Inspections, complete residential repair and improvements, technology, and concierge services.


Serving Worcester & Frederick Counties

MHIC #121961

MD Home Inspector #33540

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Residential Home Assesments

Employing some of the same principles as a home inspection, our Home Assessment is designed to prepare your property for sale.  This is not a home inspection nor will you receive a home inspection report.  We cannot provide this service as part of a real estate transaction.  You would need to have us perform a Home Inspection.

This assessment is offered as part of our home improvement services and is covered under our MHIC license as opposed to our Home Inspector's license.  You will receive an estimate for the repairs necessary to remedy any perceived defects that may arise during a formal home inspection for a sales transaction.

You then have the option to contract with us to make some or all of the repairs, hire someone else, or do nothing. This process will remove most of the speculation about any defects that may show up on a formal home inspection report.


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